tesco globe'athon logo and branding

This year I was delighted to be invited to produce the logo and branding for Tesco's global hackathon. Tremendous fun with lego bricks ensued....the result of which is below...a galactic lego scene that hopefully captures the scope of this eagerly anticipated event.



Tesco T-Jam logo & branding

I was really pleased to get to work on the logo and branding for Tesco T-Jam, an event that brings together the world of start-up with Tesco digital teams. Here's some snaps.


illustrations from my latest children's book...








I am in the prcess of trying to find a publisher. You can find out more at


A shelf, but not as we know it..



Rather nice project to collaborate on in my first few weeks working at in innovation. Kudos to @nicklansley @ribot @AngelaMaurer @luke_hickton & @harrybetteridge for the impressive Endless Aisle, a beautiful 80" touch screen + bespoke interface allowing customers to browse, search and buy from a range of 11,000 toys.`

More: Tesco CIO talking about Tesco Innovation inc Endless Aisle.


Sep132012>> Innovaton

Just a quick one. (I fully intend to blog properly again at some point though.)

After 5 years with my previous employer (and co-founding, and Runpath Digital) I have been acting Head of Product with for almost a year. MOO is a fantastic business that's groing fast, I thoroughly enjoyed my contract there and am pleased to say I have left on great terms with the awesome MOO Crew.

Very soon I am off to work at, in innovation. I am really excited at the prospect and am hugely looking forward to the experience. I'm certain the move will ignite my blogging again! (he says.)